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Tutoring Tuesday: America Reads from Mansfield University, part 1

February 28, 2012

Here is part 1 of a 3-part series about the America Reads program from Mansfield University. You’ll get to hear a teacher, a tutor, and a reading specialist talk about their America Reads program. What a treat!

Hi my name is Spring Lohr. Currently, I am in my fifteenth year of teaching. I have had the opportunity to teach in and assist in a variety of settings but I am very happy to be in my fifth year of teaching first grade in the Wellsboro Area School District, located in Wellsboro Pennsylvania.

I recently got involved with Mansfield University’s America Reads because of being introduced to the program through my former student teacher. Having participated in the America Reads program herself, she told me the perks of the program. I am always looking for responsible helpers in my classroom, so America Reads made sense.

America Reads is making a difference in our school district by allowing those children who need a little extra help with reading to receive it. This year, about 35 students out of 200 students in kindergarten and first grade receive Title 1 Reading help. Because many of the America Reads tutors are young and enthusiastic, their attitude comes forward and the students begin to carry a great attitude about learning as well.

The tutors benefit from the America Reads program because they are seeing the reality of teaching. In many cases student teaching is the first real encounter with working in the classroom and the students find themselves rethinking their decisions. I think being in the classroom often lets them have a better understanding of whether or not teaching is the field they are looking for. America Reads benefits the tutors by giving them more in class experience and it allows them to gain confidence in the classroom.

America Reads is a program with many positive outcomes. Having tutors in our classrooms allows for more one on one time that some of our students require. America Reads allows us to reach more young students which, in my opinion, is the greatest strength of the program. Not far behind that is the fact that having a tutor makes my teaching job a little more manageable.

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